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Staying safe with YFC

The National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs is committed to keeping its members safe. It is important that members are protected while having a great time at all our Young Farmers’ events and activities.

NFYFC provides guidance and support to our clubs and counties regarding their duty of care as a youth organisation in areas such as safeguarding, health and safety and a wide range of issues affecting young people. NFYFC creates policies and provides guidance to YFC clubs and counties to support and protect members and volunteers. We aim to strike a balance between our own charity obligations, the legislation we are subject to and the development of our volunteers and running our clubs.

NFYFC works with a wide range of external specialist organisations to make sure we are following the correct and most up-to-date guidelines and procedures.

Safe recruitment of volunteers

Young Farmers’ Clubs rely on the generosity of volunteers who give up their time to support the development of young people. Unfortunately, due to the age range of YFC membership, those with poor intent may try to access the organisation to gain contact with children and vulnerable adults. In order to put barriers in place to try to avoid this we encourage a process of safe recruitment.

Those volunteering within our clubs are required to complete an application form for the post they are interested in and provide at least two references r to support safe recruitment decisions. If you would like to see example application forms or a copy of our Safeguarding Policy, please contact your County Organiser for a copy.

Those volunteers applying for roles working with vulnerable groups within YFC will be required to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check at the relevant level for the role they wish to undertake. Those working in regulated activity will be checked against the barred lists for those barred from working with vulnerable groups.

Job descriptions are available to those who express an interest in volunteering for a club role so the responsibilities of the role are understood from the outset. The NFYFC provides county federations with training materials (training plans, presentations and resources) to train YFC club volunteers.

Members can obtain copies of our Safeguarding Policy and safe recruitment templates online here.

Our policies

Safe Code of Conduct Policy

This policy sets out the required standards of safe and acceptable behaviour and the process for dealing with YFC members whose conduct fails to reach the required standard.

NFYFC has a Behaviour Policy and established procedures to investigate/examine claims of poor conduct or conduct that breaches the Safe Code of Conduct to ensure all concerns are dealt with properly, fairly and to establish the facts.

Key elements of the process include maintaining confidentially through use of confidentiality forms, suspension of membership (a neutral act), an investigation phase, including gathering evidential statements from witnesses, reviewing CCTV footage, photographs or social media posts, transcripts from group chat platforms and similar to substantiate facts.

Detailed records are kept. Decision making is done by a county appointed behaviour panel and is based on the facts that have been established and recorded.

Some behaviour concerns will also be safeguarding concerns and thus investigations and decision making will likely involve the Police, Local Authority Designated Officers, Social Services or other statutory agencies or other organisations. It should be noted that all safeguarding concerns are behaviour concerns and both the safeguarding and behaviour policies are used in these cases.

We also have a range of other policies:

Equal Opportunities Policy

This policy ensures that no employee, job applicant, YFC member, volunteer or contractor receives less favourable treatment through unreasonable or unjust discrimination on any grounds, including the Equality Act 2010 protected characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

Anti-Bullying Policy

This guidance includes information on cyber-bullying, so that members recognise the signs of bullying, know how to help someone who is being bullied, and how to take the necessary action against and to prevent bullying.

Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

This policy sets out how the organisation works with under 18-year-old members, how volunteers are recruited, what to do in the case of an incident or disclosure, along with reporting procedures and information on how to recognise signs of abuse. NFYFC also sits on the Safe Networks advisory board as a rural youthwork representative.

Drugs and Alcohol Policies

These policies enable members, staff and volunteers to recognise the risks of substance misuse and alcohol over-indulgence and provide details of the laws relating to drugs and alcohol. The policies and related event planning guidance notes help event organisers to plan safe and successful, drug-free events and contain information on the appropriate action to take if incidents do occur.

Sexual Health policy

As NFYFC works with young people up to the age of 28, we also have a policy on Sexual Health, which has been written with the support of The Family Planning Association. We help YFCs to understand how to deliver relationships and sexual health work responsibly.

Health and Safety

We have policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of NFYFC’s employees and members. These explain how to carry out risk assessments for YFC events and activities as well as how to follow the procedures and protocols to ensure activities are safe. We also offer regular health and safety training courses to clubs and counties.

For a copy of NFYFC’s policies, contact or check out more here.


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