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Volunteer in South Africa (Projects Abroad)

Why South Africa?

Sitting at the southern end of the world’s most iconic continent lays South Africa; a beautiful country with diverse landscapes, rich ecosystems and vibrant people, all topped off with one of the most interesting and varied cultural histories.

South Africa was originally colonised by the Dutch before being recolonised by the British in the early 1800’s, the reason behind this was that it had huge amounts of natural resources, as well as being a vital stop on the trade route to India and Asia. The multiple shifting of powers and people has now led to the hugely diverse nation and its people that we see today.

At the start of the 21st century, South Africa is leading the way in African politics, and is seen as an inspiration to other countries. With eleven national languages, and a variety of religions South Africa truly is the 'Rainbow Nation'.


5th -19th August 2018

Who can go?

There is space for ten YFC members aged 18-30 years old*

How much?

This trip costs £1595 per person (which includes food, accommodation, insurance and excursions). There are also costs to members for travel, vaccinations and social expenditure.


Range from £800 - £1150 (based on prices in May 2017)

Tell me more….

Our objective is to assist in the townships with various agricultural projects over two weeks. The purpose of this is to improve nutrition, provide a sustainable source of food and educate underprivileged community members about proven gardening techniques for their location. Some of the townships we have worked with have been ImizamoYethu, Village Heights and Nyanga.   

Community Farming in Cape Town

If you are passionate about farming and want to meet local people too, then this trip is a great option for you. The group will work alongside Projects Abroad staff to help create vegetable gardens for the local people, as well as interacting with the community throughout the duration of the project. We are helping to support the work of Soil for Life is a Non-Profit Organisation that helps people learn to grow healthy, organic food using simple, low-cost, environmentally-friendly methods.

Farming volunteers assist with:

•    Preparing land for planting- removing rubble and waste

•    Planting trees and seedlings

•    Weeding, composting and cutting grass

•    Creating and maintaining vegetable gardens for vulnerable families in the township

•    Collecting litter

•    Creating materials for nutrition and organic farming awareness campaigns

In addition to this, volunteers will also have the opportunity to spend some time at one of our Care placements, helping to provide young children with basic care and promoting early childhood development, including running educational games or organising a sports day.

At the weekend, the group will have the opportunity to go on safari in a nearby national park. You will also have some time to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery that Cape Town and the surrounding regions have to offer; you could climb Table Mountain, or take some time out to relax on one of the area’s beautiful beaches.

The group will live with local host families just outside the centre of Cape Town in the Cape Flats townships.

How to apply

Applications must be received at the NFYFC office by no later than Thursday 11th January 2018. Applicants will be required to participate in a telephone interview in the week(s) following 11th January.

*Applicants must be 18 or over by 1st January 2018 and 30 or under by 1st September 2017.

Download application form here. Once completed and signed by your county office please send to


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