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Canada 4H

This trip is organised by 4H. Find more information on 4H here.


End of July/August 2020 for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4.

Who can go?

There are two places available for YFC members age 18-25.*

How much?

£60 participation fee, £30 refundable multimedia presentation deposit, flight, insurance, visa & social expenditure

Tell me more...

4-H is one of Canada’s longest-running youth organisations and just like YFC it's run by volunteers. This trip must be taken after YFC member has hosted a Canadian exchangee for 1 - 2 weeks in the UK. You will stay with the same member during the whole of your stay in Canada. Members will get involved with loads of 4-H activities as well as a spot of sightseeing.

This trip is an exchange, which means that you will also get to host a Canadian 4-H member at your own home in July. So by the time you head off to Canada you will be met by a familiar face plus you’ll have someone to quiz on what to pack!

How to apply

Click here to download the application form.

What the travellers say..

How did you find staying with a host family in Canada?

Luckily for me I had already hosted Doug – who is a member of Canada 4-H (Canada’s equivalent of YFC) – and so I knew him before I flew out there. Doug toured the UK and stayed with different Young Farmers over here, whereas I stayed on his Grandparents’ farm for three weeks.

I got to know his family and went shooting with one of his brothers and ice skating with the other one who was into ice hockey. 

They kept calling me their British daughter and they treated me like one of the family.

Did you enjoy hosting someone in the UK?

Yes – I found I saw bits of my own local area that I normally wouldn’t bother to go and see. There’s an old mine I have driven past for years and I’ve never been, so I took Doug to see it when he was here. I also visited a lot of local farms I hadn’t seen for a while.

What did you do while you were in Canada?

We visited a few museums and looked at the history of the country. I went in a small aircraft and flew over the area where Doug lives. I also went to Alberta and Edmonton. I went riding a lot, visited a range of farms, including beekeeping, (apiculture) and went to a rodeo.

After I’d finished my three weeks with Doug I met up with my brother, my boyfriend and one of my best friends in Calgary. We drove over to Vancouver and I extended my trip for a further two weeks outside of YFC. It meant I saw two other provinces while I was there.

Did you learn more about the way they farm?

My family have an upland beef and sheep farm and so it was interesting to see the large farm where Doug lives as they have suckler and beef cows too. The proportions of farms over there are very different. In this country you think you have a decent farm if it’s 600 acres but in Canada they think nothing of 2,000 acres.

It was extremely interesting to see the differences in production systems on farms in Saskatchewan as they have much harsher winters than in England. Most cattle are never housed over winter and kept outside which I found interesting in comparison to the UK. Farmers in Canada have fewer regulations and subsidies, which also affects the management of many farms.

Amanda Watson (Butsfield YFC)


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