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Study Session - Strasbourg

This trip has been organsied by Rural Youth Europe. Find more information about Rural Youth Europe here.


March 2020, 1 week only

Who can go?

Two YFC members or associate members aged 18-30 years old.

How much?

£60 participation fee, £30 refundable multimedia presentation deposit, flight, insurance, visa & social expenditure.

Tell me more...

The Rural Youth Europe Spring Seminar only lasts a week and is the perfect trip for someone who’s short on time. It’s a brilliant way of meeting young farmers from across Europe and sharing new ideas.

The aim of the study session is for the participants to learn to promote intercultural dialogue and peaceful coexistence in Europe. The seminars are designed to be a fun and interactive way of meeting other young people, as well as getting you to think about how you can make changes in your community.

What the travellers say...

“The seminar was a great opportunity to be part of the team and I learnt so much from talking to and working with all of these different organisations.” Gareth Laking, Lincolnshire FYFC

How to apply

Click here to download the application form.

*This trip is only available to members holding membership with an English county (Wales send their own delegates)


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