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USA Colorado

This trip is organised by 4H. Find more information about 4H Colorado here. 


Must arrive 21st June 2020* (minimum of 5 weeks to a maximum of 6 weeks)

*Dates as per state's request

*Please ensure you have a minimum of 5 weeks holiday available before applying for this trip

Who can go?

There is one place available for YFC members aged 19-26.

How much?

£60 participation fee, £30 refundable multimedia presentation deposit, flight, insurance, visa & social expenditure.

Tell me more....

A fantastic opportunity to see life on the other side of the pond and the state that’s home to the Rocky Mountains. Members will have the opportunity to stay in Colorado with host families for approximately three weeks and then move to the next family. Members should be prepared to share quiet moments, as well as taking on household and family chores, celebrating birthdays and holidays, enjoying family vacations, and participating in community activities & events.

How to apply

Click here to download the application form.

Read about Adam's trip to Colorado

‘Summer clothes! As the temperature generally sits around 30-40 in summertime. Insect repellent and sun cream. Take clothes you’re willing to get dirty, but are still light and cool. Some families may be farmers, some may have some relation to farming and be able to offer other experiences. People are generally interested in the UK - think politics, economy, price of living, but also what the landscape looks like - google street view helps here! Farming magazines and English tea were good gifts. Its very possible you will end up going to a county fair at some point - I found these events somewhat similar to our county shows, and just as enjoyable. I also visited some beautiful national parks, including different areas of the Rocky mountains and Lake Seminoe in Wyoming. If I was to recommend one unique experience, I’d say definitely get yourself to a rodeo, and leave space in your luggage for the cowboy hat you inevitably pick up along the way!’

Adam Ringrose, Leicestershire FYFC


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