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YFC TRAVEL presentations

Our Young Farmers have experienced some fantastic adventures in our travel programmes throughout the years. Learn more about what some of them got up to on their travels through these insightful presentations.

2017 Presentations

 Africa - Group Presentation

 Argentina - Group Presentation

 Argentina - Rhianwen Jones & Lucy Barnes

 Australia - George Lewis

 Austria - Rebecca Smith

 Austria - Helen Rowland

 C Alma Baker, New Zealand - Liz Hole

 Canada 4H - Charlotte Middlebrook

 Canada 4H - Laura Potts

 Canada JFAO - Emily Warin

 Germany - Hannah Gregory-Campeau

 Germany - Laura Parker

 Spring Seminar, Hungary - Amy Panton

 Spring Seminar, Hungary - Tim Davies

 Latvia - England Rally Team

 Northern Ireland - Helen Denton

 Norway 4H - Alistair Hughes

 Scotland - Rupert Shinner

 Scotland - Lauren Hladun

 Switzerland - Elin Havard

 USA - Emily Cartmail

 USA - Poppy Stephens

2016 Presentations

 Australia - Rachel Branch

 Austria - Poppy Stephens

 Austria - Alison Provis

 Canada 4H - Jennie Towler

 Canada 4H - Cat Edie

 Canada JFAO - Alistair Hughes

 Northern Ireland - Emily Pearse

 Germany - Adam Ringrose

 Germany - Jonathan Hird

 Norway - Jennifer McGowan

 European Rally

 Projects Abroad - Jamaica

 Scotland - Kelly Gibbs

 Scotland - Freddie Wootton

 Switzerland - Aimee Mahony

 USA - Elizabeth Prince

 USA - Isobel Mogford


If you have been on a YFC Travel programme and want to share your experiences, click here to download a YFC Travel Presentation Template.


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