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Find out more about NFYFC’s democracy and how it works.

1. Why do we have an Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

A. The NFYFC is a democratic membership organisation.  The AGM is an important governance process for the members of the organisation.  It provides a summary of the organisations activities and achievement over the previous year through the presentation of the Annual Report, the adoption of the audited accounts and gives YFC clubs and county federation, representing YFC members, the opportunity to vote on the motions on the Agenda that shape the organisations future.

2. Who does the AGM affect?

A. The outcomes of the motions to the AGM can affect every YFC member, every YFC club and county federation.

3. What do I do if I want to get my voice heard about the motions proposed?

A.  There are a number of ways to get involved:

  • Attend the meeting on 24 April 2022.
  • Be prepared to speak to a motion. Write a speech and be ready to speak from a podium at the meeting. All speakers from the floor of the meeting may speak for two minutes. 

5. What if I can’t attend the online AGM?

A. The meeting is returning to in-person event for 2022.  All votes will be conducted using an online voting platform, so every club can use its votes whether in attendance or not. The meeting will be live streamed as well, so those unable to travel to Warwickshire can watch and listen to the meeting.

6. Where do the motions come from?

A.   Motions to the NFYFC AGM can be put forward by any YFC Club or County Federation affiliated to the NFYFC and by the NFYFC Council (individual YFC members cannot put forward a motion, nor can the Area Committees). 

YFC Clubs, County Federations and the NFYFC Council have also been given the opportunity to put forward amendments to Motions – no amendments were received for the 2022 meeting agenda.

7. How do these proposals affect me as a YFC member and my YFC Club?

A. Proposals to the AGM can affect the rules of the YFC organisation, so may have an affect at a YFC Club, or they may be simple changes to an administration process. 

8. What is the structure of NFYFC?

A. See a detailed breakdown of the structure of NFYFC and see the people who are currently in the leading roles.

9. How does democracy work?

A. Every YFC member elects YFC members from their YFC to the county executive committee (or similar).  These people represent the club membership at a county level. The county executive (or similar) elects representatives to join the NFYFC Council. These people form the NFYFC Council which meets to shape the programming and policy of the YFC organisation.

10. What if I want to know more?

A. Please contact James Eckley Chief Officer of the NFYFC. 


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