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How to get involved

On 26 October 2020 – the start of National Young Farmers’ Week – two counties will kick off the welly relay. While the ‘welly’ is in your County, it’s important to do as much local promotion as you can to help you raise as much money for your County as you can. Each County can set their own fundraising target and encourage as many of its clubs and members to get involved as possible.

Each County will need to calculate the mileage between all of its clubs and make a plan for how they’ll cover the distance. You might choose to organise a group of members to physically walk or cycle the distance to each club or you could divide the mileage up between the number of clubs and ask each club to clock up the miles by walking in back gardens or round their farms. You can choose to ask all participants to travel the mileage at the same time or clubs can choose to complete their miles and then pass the virtual welly to the next county. It's up to each county to decide how they want to cover the distance.  

Use social media and tag NFYFC in your posts and Instagram Stories so we can share more widely and drum up loads of support for the relay. 

While NFYFC will provide the supporting materials – we want every County to take control of their fundraiser and have fun doing it in their own way. All we ask is that once your county is ‘passed’ a welly, you remember to nominate another county on social media.

Counties should start planning now for their fundraiser as you never know when the welly will land in your county and you want to be ready to hit the ground running.

Whatever you choose to do – make sure you use social media to promote your Just Giving page, promote your event in your local media and have loads of fun taking part!

How to get started: 

  1. Work out the total mileage between each of the clubs in your County. 
  2. Encourage clubs or individual members to help cover the mileage and be part of your fundraiser. 
  3. Choose how you will complete the mileage. If the combined distance from the first to the last club is around 170 miles, for example, you can choose to divide the number of miles by the number of clubs or participating members. 
  4. Decide if you will nominate a chosen day for you all to travel the distance at the same time or if you will let clubs decide when to do it over a given time period. 
  5. Set up your Just Giving page – and encourage clubs or individuals to do the same. 
  6. Prepare your template press release and social media posts so you are ready to go when the welly arrives. 
  7. Start promoting your activity as soon as possible in October. You can raise money in support of your relay ahead of the welly arriving. The campaign Just Giving page went live from 1 October.  
  8. Download social media graphics here. 
  9. Be creative – think of ways to draw attention to your fundraiser (fancy dress etc) and use social media to post Stories and updates when you’re taking part. 


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