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How to set up your JustGiving page

NFYFC has created a campaign page on JustGiving to help make it simple for Counties to add their own ‘team page’ so they can start fundraising immediately. There’s no pressure to set up a team page if you already have a preferred platform your County uses.

NFYFC has created the campaign page to make it easier for Counties to start fundraising straight away (there’s usually a two week wait and admin work involved in registering a charity with JustGiving but Counties can bypass this by adding a team to the NFYFC page).  

NFYFC will be able to display and link to your county’s fundraising page from the main campaign page, which should help supporters find your page more quickly. 

How to get started 

If you want to use NFYFC’s campaign page to help your County receive donations:

Set up a Fundraising page  (see the JustGiving Fundraising Toolkit provided)

You can then create a team page if you want to. This could be a good way of inviting other JustGiving pages – such as YFC members representing clubs – on to your page so they can be seen. It will also give you a good overview of the fundraising progress of your supporters.

A Team Page brings together a group of people fundraising for your charity on JustGiving. Your supporters get all the same benefits of having their own Fundraising Page on JustGiving - simple set-up, expert advice and 0% platform fees - plus everything they need to collaborate and connect their fundraising for more impact. 

You will need to select the ‘Give it some Welly Relay’ as your event. 

Hints and tips for JustGiving success

  • Make sure you ask for donations during your event.
  • Most donations are usually done by mobile phone (hence the importance of having a donation page that works for phones).
  • Most visits to a fundraising page happen in the first few days.
  • Facebook and social media tends to refer a large amount of traffic to donation pages.
  • Try to make your donation page as strong as possible for the reason why people should donate, e.g. the background and what the effect would be on other people if you couldn’t run your service. Can you include quotes from other people about how valued you are by them? What are people donating towards / how will you spend the money? Use the best photos you can.
  • Local press news and websites are likely to result in a lot of traffic to your donation page.





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