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NFYFC Partners

NFYFC is very grateful to the large number of companies who contribute their goods and services to the organisation. This support enables NFYFC to provide its members with opportunities to (amongst other things) attend training courses, improve their transferable skills and compete against one another in national competitions.

For further information about any of the organisations listed below please contact NFYFC

Agriculture & Rural Affairs


Supporters of the tenancy training days.


Supporters of the tenancy training days.


Promoting good stockmanship practice among young producers.


Working together to support YFC members’ careers and training needs


Kwik Cricket

Supporters of the Kwik Cricket competition

UK Dodgeball Association

Supporters of the Dodgeball competition


Supporters of the area and national fence erecting competitions

Müller Wiseman Dairies

Supporters of the NFYFC Performing Arts Competition finals

Tug of War Association

Supporters of the NFYFC national Tug of War Competition final

Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society

Generous hosts of the English Winter Fair, the location of a number of NFYFC national competition finals

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Generous hosts of the Malvern Autumn Show, the location of a number of NFYFC national competition finals

Yorkshire Agricultural Society

Generous hosts of the Great Yorkshire Show, the location of a number of NFYFC national competition finals


Supporters of the Drive it Home competition


Cheltenham Racecourse

Supporting NFYFC members to enjoy the races

Lions Clubs

Supporting support YFCs and county federations too

Personal Development

Anti-Bullying Alliance

A coalition of organisations and individuals working together to stop bullying and create safe environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn.

British Youth Council

Empowering YFC members to have a say and be heard on issues that affect them


Raising YFC members’ awareness of sexual health and providing access to sexual health information, advice and guidance

C. Alma Baker Trust

Giving YFC members the fantastic opportunity to work on a New Zealand farm for three months


Providing training for YFC members to ensure their events are profitable and encourage responsible drinking

Health and Safety Executive

Raising awareness amongst YFC members about health and safety and working together to cut the annual death and accident rate on farms

Safe Networks

Provides safeguarding information and support for organisations and groups that provide activities for children, young people and their families, guardians and carers


Supporting young people to gain accreditation for the time they spend volunteering within YFC to make life more fun and fulfilling for young people in rural areas and recognising the effort our members put into the organisation

Young Advocates for Agriculture

Supporting our members to get their voices heard in agriculture and provide them with a platform to debate the current issues that will affect the future of our industry.

Young Minds

Supporting YFC members with mental health issues

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