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31 July 2020

After 16 weeks of YFC at Home live chats with members on a Friday night on Facebook, NFYFC Chairman Dewi Parry will host his final session tonight (31 July) at 8pm. 

YFC at Home was launched at the start of lockdown to help YFC members stay connected to the organisation while they were unable to physically meet in clubs. Isolation challenges, online activities, Challenge Final Days and activity packs for younger members were shared alongside guidance for farming members, mental health support and advice for club committees on hosting meetings online and supporting communities safely.

Dewi decided to share weekly updates on Facebook about YFC at Home activities and also as a way of uniting YFC members across England and Wales who were missing their weekly meetings. 

"It started off as a way to share news and updates from NFYFC but I also wanted it to be a place where members could ask questions, say hello to each other and to feel like YFC was still there for them – despite all the changes that were happening. It was a challenging time for everyone being in lockdown and it was important to show new ways of connecting after being forced into isolation," said Dewi who has recognised the efforts of clubs and counties in his weekly briefing. 

As clubs in England can now plan to re-open, Dewi felt the time was right to end his popular Friday night chats. It is hoped that guidance from the Welsh government will be published soon and clubs in Wales will shortly be able to start planning as well. 

"It will feel like the end of an era," laughed Dewi. "I've certainly had some issues with connectivity – let's not mention my failed attempts to share screens with other members to live chat with them! But it has also helped me to stay connected with YFC and I have enjoyed those 15 mins on a Friday night knowing other members were joining me and hopefully getting some comfort from it." 

While Dewi is stopping his YFC at Home chats for now, he's aware of the uncertain year ahead for YFCs and says he's expecting virtual meetings and announcements to become the norm. 

"In the space of a few months, YFCs – like many other organisations – went virtual. Zoom meetings are now commonplace and I think they will become part of our new reality – hopefully alongside some physical meetings too. We have found some new ideas and ways to communicate online effectively during this period – but I know that most YFC members are eager to get back to doing what they love – competing with their YFC friends and meeting (safely) in their usual locations. I can't wait to see this happen too." 

You can join Dewi Parry tonight (31 July 2020 ) at 8pm on NFYFC's Facebook page for his farewell YFC at Home live chat.  




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