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31 July 2020

Looking for a simple way to raise funds for your club in 2020? One idea that clubs are jumping on involves registering with easyfundraising – the site that enables you to raise donations from online shopping.

Once registered, you share your charity page with friends and family and encourage everyone to do their online shopping through the easyfundraising website. Whether it’s shopping for groceries, electricals or holidays, once you’ve finished spending, the retailer will make a small donation to your charity to say thank you.

There are 4,320 online retailers to choose from through the easyfundraising website and there’s no cost or difference in your shopping experience.

Staffordshire FYFC have been raising funds through the website for a while now and have raised more than £1,000 just by people shopping and donating through the site.

County treasurer Angela Woodward helped set up Staffordshire FYFC’s easyfundraising account and said it’s a simple way to raise funds.

“It’s money for nothing really,” explained Angela who regularly uses the site when shopping. ”Everyone does online shopping so it’s just a matter of promoting it and reminding members about it.”

Staffordshire have encouraged parents and vice presidents to register with the site, which results in regular donations when they shop online. Some sites will donate as much as 3% of your shopping spend to the charity if you connect through the easyfundraising site. Money is automatically paid into your charity’s bank account quarterly. 

Registering with the site means you can have an App on your phone or you can set it so that when you go to a retailer’s website that works with easyfundraising, you receive a prompt to shop through the easyfundraising website it will raise money for your good cause.

“It’s easy and quick to set up,” said Angela about creating an account for a YFC or county federation. “You just add your logo and details about what you’re raising money for and that it’s just a matter of inviting members to take part. Easyfundraising do a lot of social media posts that you can share too.

“It’s one of those things that ticks along in the background and then you just get that little bit of income and it’s quite nice. Every little helps,” added Angela. 

Staffordshire FYFC’s top tips:

1. Set regular reminders on social media and in your publications to remind people to use easyfundraising when shopping online.

2. Target parents and vice presidents too to get involved. Finding people who do a lot of shopping online for work or leisure is good too (eg booking a holiday or buying larger electrical items online can bring in more money).

3. Make it competitive – a leaderboard on the easyfundraising site will show you who is raising the most money for your charity.

4. Take advantage of offers from easyfundraising – such as double donations week.

5. Demonstrate how easy it is to register with easyfundraising – the more people you can encourage to donate while shopping, the more money your club will make. 


Designed by Kevyn Williams