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17 December 2020

When Louise Clarke isn’t busy lambing or being a Club Leader at Kenn Valley YFC, a club she restarted seven years ago, she’s creating beautiful products out of game bird feathers.

Q. Tell us about your business?

A. I create handmade and bespoke items out of feathers such as baubles, wreaths, tea light holders, cards, hatpins and pictures. All items are unique and are using feathers sourced from local shoots and the spent cartridges. We aim to bring the elegance and beauty of the countryside into homes.

Q. Where did the idea come from for your business? 

A. The idea came from seeing such beautiful feathers going to waste after the carcass has been used. I started out by selling tail feathers on eBay.

Q. Who else do you work with?

A. I currently work on my own but do call in favours from my mum, my other half and his mum to help me with the cutting of feathers and also, when allowed, the running of a stall. My other half’s mum helps a lot by being able to post all my parcels!

Q. What are your most popular items?

A. Either my pictures, as these can be personalised or bespoke pictures created, or the feather baubles.

Q. How has COVID impacted your business?

A. COVID has meant that we haven’t been able to have any of the trade stands at craft fairs, meaning we’ve lost a lot outside business. This year due to not being able to have stalls I’ve had a lot of online sales created by social media pushes.

Q. How can people buy from you?

A. We deliver worldwide and people can buy through my website or my Etsy website gamebirdfeatherco or by messaging my Facebook page


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