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17 December 2020

Merry Christmas to everyone involved in YFC

When we started this year, no one could have imagined 12 months quite like these! Everyone has made sacrifices this year in their personal and professional lives – and for YFC members the impact of social isolation has been even greater than usual.

But amid the gloom, emerged something special. That true YFC spirit saw clubs mucking in and helping those around them. The community support has been immense and the kindness members have shown has been truly amazing.

When we were told to ‘stay home’ – rather than disconnecting, so many club officers came up with innovative ways to help their members stay connected. Always a challenge in rural areas – but even if it meant turning off all the digital equipment in the house just to be part of your club’s Zoom call, you did it.

YFC connected

It would be too easy to see this YFC year as one that was lost to COVID – but there is actually much for us to celebrate from a year that stole physical social contact. We join a YFC to be part of a community of like-minded people – and it’s in difficult times when the support we give each other can make us stronger. I have seen that happening across England and Wales – where people have created virtual rallies to replace the real thing, set challenges and competitions for members to keep them entertained and engaged, and come up with creative ideas for Zoom club meetings – even online AGMs. It has forced YFC to be more digital. And while we all want to get back to meeting in person, isn’t it amazing that we have still been able to connect in some way during this pandemic?

So, let’s feel thankful for what we have discovered and achieved this year – for the creative people who helped to keep us connected and for the care and compassion you have shown to each other and your communities.

Something to celebrate

Please watch the video below to see 12 ways YFC at Home has given us all something to celebrate in 2020. Why not share what your YFC has achieved this year on social media using #YFC2020? And please keep supporting the Give it Some YFC Welly Relay. Now more than ever we need to support YFC to ensure it’s here for generations to come.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and here’s to a brighter New Year.




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