National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

20 January 2021

A new initiative by the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs will support its County Federations to reach their full potential and improve YFC members’ experiences.

County on Track will work with Counties to identify their achievements in 10 key category areas. Where gaps are shown, Counties will receive training and support to help them improve.

By sharing experiences, County on Track also aims to celebrate best practice and encourage a culture of learning from each other.

County Federations will be awarded with a red, green or gold welly standard in each category area. A red welly will trigger an action plan from NFYFC and increased support on how to improve. Green wellies mean that a County Federation is following good practice and meeting its charitable requirements in that particular category and gold wellies are given when a County is following best practice but has gone above and beyond what is required.

All County Federations that receive a green welly across all 10 categories will receive a certificate from NFYFC. Any County Federation that receives a gold welly in a particular category will receive a certificate from NFYFC for that category only (as long as they have not received a red welly elsewhere). Case studies from gold welly Counties will also be shared to help others reach the same goal.

All County Federations will need to complete an online questionnaire and NFYFC will follow up with a meeting to help with the new grading system.

For more information about County on Track, email Allie and Natasha at


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