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27 January 2021

Four YFC members have put themselves forward for the top positions on the NFYFC Council and will stand for election in February, which for the first time will be held online. 

Rachel Goldie from Great Smeaton YFC in Yorkshire has served as Vice Chairman of Council for the last two years and is now standing for the position of Chairman of Council, unopposed.

The 27-year old has been a YFC member for 15 years and, if elected, she will follow in the footsteps of her father – dairy farmer Alan Goldie – who was national chairman in 1996-97.

There are three YFC members vying for the two vice chairmen positions this year. They include current national Vice Chairman Ed Dungait from Northumberland FYFC, Marcus Bailey from Essex FYFC and Rosie Bennett from Devon FYFC. Read more about the candidates below.

Members of Council will cast their votes for the new officers during an online Zoom meeting, where arrangements have been made to manage the voting procedures. All YFC members should speak to their Council representatives about who they think should lead the Federation so they can vote accordingly.

Dewi Parry, current NFYFC Chairman of Council, said: “It will be the first time we have held the elections of Council officers online but COVID-19 is forcing us into another digital meeting. It has been an honour to be NFYFC Chairman during a very irregular year.

“I wish everyone standing for Council positions the best of luck in the elections and best wishes for the year ahead, which looks set to be another challenging one for YFC and indeed the world.”

The NFYFC Council meeting and elections will take place on Thursday 18 February at 7pm.

Meet the Candidates

Rachel Goldie, 27, Great Smeaton YFC, Yorkshire  

Why are you running for the position of Chairman of Council? 

I feel it is my time to try and give something back to the organisation. Having grown up surrounded by the YFC family who have supported, and upskilled me over the years, I now want to take this opportunity to work with the members to give something back to them and ensure that this fantastic organisation is here for the future.

What do you hope to bring to the role?  

Being a current in-age member myself I feel I have that connection with members and hope to continue the fantastic work that has already been started in bridging the gap in communication.

There have been some big changes within the organisation and challenging times that are ongoing and it’s vital moving forward that we all work together to ensure a future for YFC. I am a very approachable and understanding person and hope that members, parents and supporters of the movement feel that they can come to me with ideas, suggestions and concerns. I have a wealth of knowledge and YFC experiences behind me that I hope will help me in this role. I know that many of us – including myself – are all Zoomed out, but we must keep pushing on. When we do come out the other side of this pandemic and we are all back together at our weekly club meetings, county rallies and other events, it will all have been so worth it!

How long have you been involved in YFC and what roles have you held?

I have been a member since I was 14 years old, joining my local club Great Smeaton in Yorkshire, a club that both my grandfather and father attended. Throughout my time in YFC I have held many secretarial roles from club press reporting, programme and minutes to district secretary and more recently Chair of the development committee at Yorkshire and Vice Chair of NFYFC Council.

Marcus Bailey, 28, Colchester YFC, Essex

Why are you running for the position of Vice Chairman of Council? 

The more I’ve applied myself over the years, the more I’ve wanted to contribute – a never ending cycle that continues to motivate me.

It has been surreal and deeply saddening to see the pain the coronavirus has caused. But it has also been inspiring to see how YFC members have reacted to help those most affected and how all levels of the Federation have adapted to the current way of running. This has further strengthened my belief if you give people opportunities and not hold them back then we will live in a better society.

What do you hope to bring to the role? 

Three important factors, which I believe in with everyday life:

Support British

Whether this be in agriculture, food, drink, manufacturing or any other industry I truly believe that we have some fantastic talent right on our doorstep that we can support with continuing success.

Empowering Youth

If we can empower members to contribute and realise their potential, there will be no limit to what we can achieve as a Federation. This starts from the bottom-up and making sure all members’ voices are heard and included in shaping the future of YFC.

Youth Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is particularly important to me and in late 2019, I became a Youth Mental Health First Aider to better understand the signs and impacts of poor mental wellbeing and how we can better support members that may be struggling.

How long have you been involved in YFC and what roles have you held?

I was a late starter to NFYFC and this is only my fifth membership year. However, over this time I have been very active and held a number of roles – 24 in total. 

My most notable role is as NFYFC’s Personal Development Steering Group Chairman, which gave me a great understanding of the day to day running of the National Federation. I have also held roles at Area, County and club level – and even got involved in a Junior club in Suffolk (as Essex didn’t have any) so I could understand more about this area of YFC.

Rosie Bennett, 26, Honiton YFC, Devon

Why are you running for the position of Vice Chairman of Council? 

Given the current COVID-19 situation, NFYFC needs the support of its membership to keep the Federation going into the future. I believe we need passionate people at the forefront to ensure our survival and I am not short of passion and enthusiasm for the YFC movement both locally and nationally.

Passion for the YFC movement runs deep within me and I am a true believer that the Federation is all about having fun and making friends for a lifetime, whilst taking part in a vast number of competitions. It is an organisation like no other and one that I am extremely proud to be a part of, I hope it to continue for many generations to come.

What do you hope to bring to the role? 

I am still actively involved as a member of the Federation, which means I will be able to bring a view of the membership to the table. I also have experience through the different levels of YFC.

I am involved in running my home club Honiton YFC and I also help with the intricate running of Devon FYFC as its Vice Chairman. All these skills will be vital to me in the position of NFYFC Vice Chair.

The impact of COVID-19 on NFYFC’s finances will be significant. My experience as an accountant in my professional life will give me a balanced view and help with decisions about the Federation’s finances.

If you want a real member's member as the chair of NFYFC, I think I will be perfect for the role. I will always take the view of the members and ensure that our Federation is what they want and need it to be.   

How long have you been involved in YFC and what roles have you held?

I joined Honiton YFC when I was 14 so I am in my 13th active year as a member and I have been an extremely active member within my club, group and county.

The roles I have held would be too long to list, but my proudest position was as our club stock officer, secretary, treasurer and chairman. I have been Group Secretary and currently I stand as Vice County Chairman along with club exchange officer. All of which I have been and am honoured to do.   

Ed Dungait, 28, Tritlington YFC, Northumberland

Why are you running for the position of Vice Chairman of Council for a second year?

I’ve given the role a good crack this year, but I’m yet to prove the mettle of my pasture. I have learnt, listened, watched, discussed, argued, thanked, apologised, entered, judged, given and received vast amounts for NFYFC, yet have a constant desire for more.

I’ve never been afraid of the odd meeting, which is rather lucky as I’ve attended well over 100 of them on Zoom this year. It’s surprising that we are all still sane at this point, but here we are, vibrant as ever, planning the future of YFC. I’ve made good relations with officers, staff and members and I’d like to continue this year, hopeful of some 3D interaction rather than this tiresome 2D we have become so accustomed to.

Over many years I gave Tritlington and Northumberland YFC all I could, but for NFYFC I have more to offer yet. If I am to be struck down at this late stage, my father might be happy that I’ll be working more, my friends may be happy that I’ll be pubbing more (well, eventually), but it will be forever unknown what a success, or mess, I would have made of the job.

What do you hope to bring to the role this year?

An unconquerable spirit, integrity, dynamism, energy and perseverance. A rational outlook, an open mind, optimism and fairness. A light-hearted, yet accurate input.

How long have you been involved in YFC and what other roles have you held?

It has been 12 years since I joined Tritlington YFC, aged 16. The Trit Trojans have achieved greatness in that time, and I’m proud to have been a part of it. I have also been a club secretary and Chairman, a County Chairman and more recently NFYFC Vice Chairman of Council. I have also been a member of the Board of Management, been part of the Comps Steering Group, and attended al of the other steering group meetings. 


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