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24 February 2021

YFC members will have the opportunity to decide if the national federation should increase its upper membership age from 26 to 28 at NFYFC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April.

The motion is being proposed by the Gwent Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs and seconded by the Montgomery Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs. The motion has been prompted by discussions on this topic that were raised by YFC members that attended the NFYFC Strategy Summit in January 2020 together with conversations held by members of the NFYFC steering groups over the last 12 months. 

Clubs and County Federations can put forward amendments to the motion until 23 March 2021. 

The final motion and any amendments will be subject to a vote at the AGM and all YFCs are asked to discuss the options ahead of the online AGM on 26 April, 2021 in order to make use of the two votes every club has at that meeting.

The motion outlined by Abbie Williams of Gwent FYFC at the recent Council meeting (pictured right) argued that an increase in age would help boost membership numbers and give more clubs the support they need – especially following the impact of the pandemic.

Abbie explained that the decline in membership had a big impact on smaller clubs who struggled to enter competitions or get enough people to help with the running of the club or events. The extra pressure this puts on the core committee members often meant they left the organisation earlier as it “takes too much from them and wears them down too quickly.”

Abbie added: “YFC always has taken too much from too few and this problem only gets intensified when membership declines, which is why Gwent FYFC are proposing that the membership age increases from 26 to 28 from 1 Sept 2021.

“I do think this is one small piece of the jigsaw that will help build a sustainable future for NFYFC and it might provide the lifeline that small clubs need now more than ever. By expanding the age range we are pulling from a larger pool of potential members.”

Abbie, supported by Bryony Wilson from Montgomery FYFC, believes the age extension will mean there are more members available to make up teams for competitions, more trainers and more support for committee members.

“One or two new members might not seem like a lot but across NFYFC it could have quite a large impact,” said Abbie.

The age extension is already happening for YFC competitions in the 2020-21 membership year and has also been agreed for 2021-22 to allow those to compete who couldn’t do so in their final year due to the pandemic.

The Council agreed that if the membership age is increased across the organisation from September 2021, that it should be reviewed by the NFYFC Council in 2023.

YFCs and County Federations should note that even if the membership increase is changed at a NFYFC level, clubs can continue to target recruitment to people from a specific age – for example there are many clubs for members 17 years and under, and some that recruit members 16 or 18 and over only.


Designed by Kevyn Williams