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30 June 2021

A passion for food, farming and YFC has propelled Charlie Beaty from Warwickshire to the top spot of Senior Member of the Year 2021.

The young farmer impressed the judges with her experiences inside and outside of the organisation, including writing for Farmers Weekly and being involved in LEAF’s Farmer Time programme to connect schoolchildren with agriculture.

Charlie watched the results of the competition at home with her partner and her best friend and admits to hiding behind her hands as the names were announced.

“I’m over the moon! It’s my proudest YFC moment to date and probably will be my proudest, to be honest,” she said.

Following the advanced submission of her synopsis, Charlie faced an online interview with three judges to prove why she should be the winner. But she confesses to getting some extra guidance after the Area round, which really helped her final performance.

“My synopsis at the West Midlands Area round was fairly weak and I’m very grateful to the judges who gave me some feedback on how to improve it,” said Charlie. “They told me to really target the information I was including about myself and highlight the most important parts that made the most of my character.”

Judges' verdict 

The top tips proved successful as the judges were in agreement on their winner despite the high standard of the finalists.

Judge Neil Cameron said: “We interviewed an inspiring group of members. Each with a different personal experience and journey through YFC. There were some great ideas expressed through the organisation and it reminded me that YFC is made up of its members but also that YFC has transformed the lives of so many people over the years.”

Charlie has been involved in YFC for the past 13 years, taking on various roles and hopes to be County Chairman in the next membership year too. Her parents have both been involved in the organisation, with Charlie’s father being President of the club and Vice President of the County and her mother once having a job in the national office.

“Once I started showing an interest in going out with school friends on a Friday night, my parents got me into YFC quick,” laughed Charlie. “I wanted to go ice skating in Coventry and they suggested a Wednesday at YFC instead.”

It’s a suggestion that Charlie is happy she acted on as she believes the organisation has had a huge influence on her life so far.

“I have taken so much from YFC. Skills development, contacts, friends – it has made me who I am,” said Charlie who works on the family’s mixed farm. “My passion now is watching the junior members rise up through the ranks and I want to make sure they get the same out of it that I did.”

With membership numbers reduced this year due to the pandemic, Charlie is very focused on helping to improve those figures and promoting YFC. A recent trip down memory lane in the county office showed there were 18 YFCs in Warwickshire when Charlie was born but now there are only nine.

“One day, if I have kids, I want them to be YFC members as well, so we need to get those members back into clubs,” said Charlie. “I just want to make sure that everything is as strong as it can be so they get the most out of it. There’s nothing to rival YFC, there’s no other alternative where they could get the same experience.” 


Designed by Kevyn Williams