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26 October 2021

Young Farmers’ Clubs are being offered an exclusive opportunity to access support and materials for their club buildings thanks to a new project launched by The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) in conjunction with Eternit UK. 

The new scheme, which launches during National Young Farmers’ Week (25-29 October 2021), will enable clubs and counties to seek support and free materials from Eternit for repairs and renovations, as well as seek help with new builds. While many YFCs meet in the local village hall, a growing number are building or renovating their own premises. County Federations have also renovated their own buildings to ensure they have a permanent space too.

The offer means YFCs could access free materials to help with a new roof or for external wall renovations (facades) as well as getting structural advice on repairs too. As YFCs are charities they often do not have the resources to be able to repair, renovate or build their own club venue. It is hoped this scheme will provide some vital resources to help clubs tackle building issues.

Robert Baldwin, UK Marketing Manager, Eternit UK said:

“The team at Eternit UK are proud to be a supporter of NFYFC and as part of its ongoing relationship it is reaching out with a hand of support to help a YFC building that might be in need of materials or advice.

“We know how difficult it can be for small charities operating in rural communities and this new scheme is just one way to help YFCs get further on in their building or renovation projects for the club.”

The application process is now open for YFCs, with the aim of the support for projects being offered in 2022.

NFYFC Chair of Council Rachel Goldie said:

“We are delighted to be working with Eternit UK on this project to help YFCs and County Federations seek materials and advice to help them develop their club buildings.

“As YFCs are small local charities, they often do not have the resources to manage major repairs or to contemplate building their own venue. This project will really help to make YFC buildings more sustainable and we’re grateful to Eternit for their valuable advice and generous supply of materials.”

Threemilestone and District Young Farmers’ Club in Cornwall is just one example of a club that owns its building and is therefore responsible for its repairs and maintenance. The club has recently been fundraising to purchase the land where their club building is located to secure its future but still faces ongoing expenses to keep the building up to scratch. The club is very close to finalising the completion of their fundraising campaign and the purchase of the land after fundraising £52,000 during the Pandemic since the campaign started in January 2019. 

Natalie Brown, Threemilestone and District Young Farmers’ Club Leader, said: “The building is an old RAF building and requires regular repairs and ongoing maintenance, which can be costly. It’s great to know that Eternit are supporting YFCs with this scheme as we are all small charities and often don’t have the funds to cover big repair jobs. Threemilestone and District Young Farmers’ Club are extremely grateful to the support of Eternit to ensure we can keep the pride of our Club Hall and maintain it to a high standard for the Hall we are lucky to call our home” 

 YFCs interested in applying for the scheme can do so online here.


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