National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

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Who are we?  



George Baxter

(Cambridgeshire FYFC)


Vice Chairman

Tom Pope

(Somerset FYFC)














What do we do?

Check out the steering group and AGRI Link roles in The Bigger Picture section of The Source.


George Baxter

 Vice Chairman

 Tom Pope  


 David Goodwin

Area Representatives:

East Midlands

Jack Marlow     

Samantha Allen


Beth Duchesne

George Baxter


Neil Curr             

Oliver Mackintosh

South East

Lawry Taylor                                     

Henry Graham                                   

South West

Gareth Hutchings                             


Nia Borsey   

Caryl Hughes

West Midlands

Ernie Richards

Co-Options to YFC AGRI

Sam Smith, Buckinghamshire

Luke Cox, Wiltshire

Steve Rogers, West Midlands

Tenancy Reform Industry Group Rep: 

Nicola Palfrey

NFU Rep: 

Beth Duchesne/Tom Pope

CLA Rep: 

Greg Colebrook/Tom Pope


George Baxter/Ed Turner

What we do

YFC AGRI is made up of regional YFC members who are passionate about rural life and agriculture. We care about the future of farming, the countryside and of our YFC organisation so we make things happen. Whether it’s a consultation response, new training, putting on events or representing our members, we want to make a difference.

YFC AGRI has its own AGRI Ambition paper which is reviewed to suit YFC members’ needs - download it here.

Please share any relevant views or concerns with any of the YFC AGRI group or


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