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25 April 2019

YFCs in Cumbria will be better informed about the impact of alcohol and drugs thanks to a new initiative. 

Cumbria FYFC has received a £10,000 grant from the Cumbria Community Foundation to support its initiative over a three-year period. The project aims to deliver drugs and alcohol awareness sessions to 900 of the County’s YFC members aged 12–26 years of age.

Cumbria is working in partnership with The Well Communities, a not-for-profit community service provider specialising in supporting people with addictions and mental health issues.

Spearheaded by David Higham, founder and CEO of The Well, sessions have been designed specifically for young farmers and address the mental, emotional, physical and legal consequences of abusing drugs and alcohol, how to deal with peer pressure and where to get help. Recovering addicts are also part of the session and speak about their personal experiences.

The session has been rolled out to 145 young farmers in the last two months with further sessions planned.

As well as improving members’ knowledge and encouraging them to make informed choices to keep themselves and their friends safe, the County hopes that the initiative shows their local communities how seriously they are taking the issue of alcohol and drug abuse.

The informative sessions are also meant to encourage members to think of different ways to raise money for charity rather than resorting to social events.

Eamon Monaghan, Cumbria’s County Chairman, is leading on the project. He said: “Cumbria YFC is very proud of our proactive approach to drug and alcohol use in our County. In modern day society it is a very naive attitude to think that drugs aren’t around you and it is important that everyone is aware of the effects and how to deal with them. It’s important that County Federations take a pro-active stance against drug and alcohol abuse.”

YFCs wanting to raise awareness about the effects of alcohol can also run NFYFC's Know Your Limits Curve module.

25 April 2019

This is only Harry Madin’s first year as a YFC member – but he’s already managed to work his way into a role that will help shape the future of the Federation! As a member of the Vision:2023 team, Harry is meeting with YFC members, gathering views and working with the team who are leading the new strategy for YFC. Let’s find out more about this Hill Shepherd from Cumbria who joined Lamplugh YFC 

When did you join YFC?

I joined in September 2018, so not long really. I’ve always wanted to join but it was a case of fitting it in with living away for college, but as soon as I got the chance, I joined straight away.

What made you want to join?

I was new to the area and wanted to meet new people, as well as wanting to get involved in competitions and events.

Three words to describe your club?

Really good craic.

Which activities have you got involved in since becoming a member?

I have taken part in a few events when I have had chance, including stockjudging and have taken part in the Situations Vacant competition. However the biggest YFC thing I’ve been involved with has to be the Vision:2023 group.

Why did you want to help progress YFC?

I wanted to help improve YFC members’ experiences. Everyone has an idea about what YFC should be – it is great to be part of the team trying to make those ideas a reality.

What is the best thing you have done in YFC?

Winning the one game of pool as a club was the best thing so far. We were rubbish but we didn’t finish last, so for us that’s as good as a win! Being part of the Vision:2023 group is the highlight though. I’m really looking forward to getting to meet new people and travelling around to shows and events, then taking the views of members back to the group.

Your greatest achievement outside of YFC?

Taking part in the Farmers Weekly Apprentice 2018 competition final is up there! I was one of nine finalists that went to Harper Adams for the week and took part in a number of competitions each day. At the end of the week we went into a primary school to give a presentation about the dairy food chain as an example of where their food comes from. It was great – the kids knew their stuff and kept us on our toes. I didn’t win the competition unfortunately but a good mate of mine did so I am proud of him.

A personal achievement for me is working with the collies I’ve trained on the fells – it’s not much but it’s good to see all the time and effort was worth it.

What do you hope to achieve through YFC?

I’m hoping to get my name on a few of the club’s trophies and possibly compete at a County level in something. Mostly I want to help achieve a positive outcome for YFC that everyone can be proud of.

Is there anyone in YFC you would like to thank?

I’d like to thank everyone in Lamplugh YFC for welcoming me into the club. But I would mostly like to thank anyone who has been willing to drive to and from club meetings, it’s a long drive and it’s often late with early starts the next day, so they deserve a big shout out.

To find out more about Vision:2023 and how you can get involved visit here

23 April 2019

An Auction of Promises, which included a hamper donated by HRH Prince Charles, has raised £8,000 towards Threemilestone and District YFC’s goal to buy the land where its clubhouse is based.

The fundraiser, held at Griggs Restaurant in St Austell, involved 200 people bidding on 110 lots donated by club members, local and national companies.

Ed Harris from Lodge and Thomas was the auctioneer and helped to raise the funds, which will support the Club’s Fundraising for our Future campaign.

Natalie Brown, Publicity Officer from Threemilestone and District YFC, said: “Many competitive bidding wars were happening between friends to ensure they won the prize! Thanks must go again to the team who organised the event and put in hard work over the last two months on top of their days jobs. A truly tremendous evening.

“The encouragement and support from the general public, club members’ families and friends and businesses has been incredible and made the club members feel supported on their mission to secure the site.” 

17 April 2019

A trip along the Great Yarmouth seafront and a spot of camping were in order for members of Dereham YFC during their tractor run in April to raise money for Yellow Wellies and the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Seven tractors and support vehicles completed the circuit from Dereham Town Centre, along the Norfolk Coast to Kings Lyn and back down the A47 to Dereham.

The tractor cohort parked up in the Morrisons car park in Diss when they stopped for lunch – much to the amusement of local shoppers. And on the seafront it was the donkeys and local tourists who looked amazed as the seven tractors passed by.

The two-day event meant camping out in the cold at Reedham Ferry – but the team managed to get in practice for the Tug of War by pulling the tractors around. The successful mission raised more than £500 for the two charities.

Dereham YFC member Lucy Stowell said:  “The weekend was a great team building activity for the club as it brought together all members young and old, advisory and friends.” 


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