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Cube Exhibit

Name of competition: Cube Exhibit

Upcoming competition date:
 NFYFC Final will be held at National Competitions Day on Saturday 1st July, 2017

 Staffordshire County Showground, Staffordshire

Outline of competition:

An Exhibit to depict the theme of “Around the World”.  This theme can be interpreted in any way that the club sees fit.

The Club Team is required to exhibit 5 crafts. 1 craft from each of the headings below:

  • Craft 1 - Floral Art (Any item using cut flowers and accessories in a suitable container)
  • Craft 2 – Cookery/Baking (This craft will be tasted so must be covered with cling film)
  • Craft 3 – Textile Handicraft (Any sewn item, may include wool, embroidery or tapestry for example)
  • Craft 4 – Natural Handicraft (Any item using wood, metal, clay, glass, stone or shell for example)
  • Craft 5 – Art Handicraft (Any art based item using any medium, may include decoupage, calligraphy or photography for example)

The five (5) crafts need to be clearly marked 1-5 together with the heading the craft comes under. For example 1- Floral Art, 2 – Cookery, 3- Sewn Handicraft, 4- Natural Handicraft, 5- Art Handicraft.  

Each whole Exhibit to have a MAXIMUM WIDTH of 1 metre at any given point and a MAXIMUM DEPTH of 1 metre and MAXIMUM HEIGHT of 1 metre.  Any exhibit exceeding the maximum measurements will be disqualified.  The measurement will be from the outside edges of the external walls of the exhibit.  Any accessories or drapes used on the outside of the external walls of the cube will be included in the overall measurement of the exhibit. The external walls will be taken into account for the attractiveness of the exhibit marks and so should be covered to compliment the overall exhibit. The exhibit must have 3 walls.

The exhibits will be displayed on trestle tables.

Competitors must accept responsibility for transporting their exhibits to the NFYFC final as per the instructions which will be issued and to make arrangements for collection of the exhibits after 4.30pm. Competitors’ exhibits may be collected on their behalf.

Timetable for the day: TBC
Competitors Notes: Competitor Notes Cube Exhibit 2017
Rules: Cube Exhibit (26 & Under) - Rules 2016-17

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