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Performing Arts - Drama

Name of competition: Performing Arts - Drama

Upcoming competition dateRegional eliminators will be held for both the Northern and Southern Regional Finals on Sunday 20th March 2016. The National Final will be held in conjunction with the 2016 Annual Convention at the Opera House Theatre, Blackpool on Saturday 7th May 2016.

Venue: Regional Finals for the North will be held at the Majestic Theatre, Retford, Nottinghamshire and the South at the Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The national final will be held at the Opera House Theatre, Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

Outline of competition:


Teams may choose either a single act from a full-length play, excerpts from a full-length play or a complete a one-act play.

Note:  Photocopies of acting editions currently in print are not acceptable except upon production of a letter from the publisher, the author or the author’s agent.  To photocopy or reproduce copyright material by any means is to break the Law of Copyright and be liable to prosecution.

Similar letters of permission should be obtained for any cuts made in a script, or for the performance of   extracts from full-length plays, which are still under Copyright Protection.

Where appropriate, Clubs must pay Royalties to publishers – A PRS form is available on the NFYFC website on the competitions resource page. This should be completed and returned to NFYFC prior to the event. Plays can be presented in curtain settings with cut-outs.  Box sets will be allowed and all sets must be freestanding.  Backcloths can be flown, outside of the time allocation.

Members are reminded that in taking part in the Performing Arts competitions, material of a questionable nature will be penalised.   Members are asked to bear in mind that they are performing to a family audience.

Producers/writers must carefully consider how taste, sexual matters, violence and strong language is dealt with.  Every audience includes people of different ages (including young children), cultures, religions and sensibilities. Audience sensibilities and standards do vary widely and producers/writers should be very mindful of this at all times.


Platform times shall not be more than sixty (60) minutes, which will include setting, performance and clearing the stage.  The performance must be a minimum of twenty minutes.


Timetable for the day: TBC
Competitors Notes: TBC
Rules: Performing Arts Drama (26 & Under) - Rules 2015-16

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